Healing, Spiritual Direction and Supervision - Journey with God

Alison's healing touch opens a channel for love. Her intuitive sense of where to place her hands comes from a profound awareness of what the recipient needs or struggles with. The touch is prolonged so that each person can feel the healing energy flow and reflect back. Alison's whole body is attuned and devoted to sharing this energy; her posture conveys offering and giving. She places her palm on my heart, allows my tears to flow, stays with me as witness and allows release of ancient pain. Then, there is her angelic smile and nurturing hug.

With deep intuition and creative soulfulness, Alison's work blends the best of both (and many) worlds: empowering her directees to integrate the wisdom of head language with that of heart language.  People leave her presence with the keen knowing that they have been heard and are then energized to listen more fully to themselves.

Alison was attentive, patient, graceful, and kind. She gave me words when I had none, and she gave me space when I felt overwhelmed. She is an incredible presence and a beautiful spiritual director.

Alison's calm, patient and empathic presence created a safe space where I felt the freedom to express my thoughts fully. Her silence, together with her words, encouraged me to explore deeper within to places I hadn't the courage to explore before. I left each session feeling liberated, uplifted and whole, having a greater sense of self awareness and a closeness to God. 

Alison's one-on-one healing touch got me through my darkest hours of chemotherapy.

Alison Hendley is able to tend the holy while sitting with another that allows her to "listen into speak" what a directee is experiencing in her/his life and relationship with God. Her wit, insight and depth of faith serves her well as she companions people seeking to go deep into the Holy. If you are seeking a competent and faithful director - Alison is it!
The Rev. Jeffrey Gaines,Former Executive Director, Spiritual Directors InternationalPastor, Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church

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