Healing, Spiritual Direction and Supervision - Journey with God
Hands on Healing

The healing Alison engages in is based on ancient Christian and Native American spirituality.  It incorporates grounding, helping to shift energy to a higher vibration hands-on healing.  She trained with the Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael for three years and believes that healing is different from cure, and brings us to a greater awareness of the source of all that is, helping us feel more whole, more our true selves that we are created to be.  Healing helps us experience our inter-connected nature with all that is, and can open us to such a deep level of love that we can see with fresh eyes.  People have experienced the healing Alison offers as full of love, highly intuitive, and healing on many plains of life.

She incorporates some energy work in each session, using it before the client enters the room to ground the energy, ground herself, and raise the vibration to one where healing and presence can occur.  In this space Alison prayerfully invites the Divine to be fully present.  

Hands on healing occurs when the client is open to receive a flow of energy directly.  Healing can occur sitting or lying down fully clothed.  Alison will listen for where her hands need to touch, often using the chakras as a guide.

Spiritual Direction

"If there is a single factor that makes spiritual direction effective as a change agency for the soul, it is this: spiritual direction holds our shame at bay long enough for us to see ourselves as God sees us in Christ." — Gary W. Moonwww.sdiworld.org/what_is_spiritual_direction2.html
Alison has been working with directees for over 12 years, and has experience working with pastors, spiritual but not religious people, seminarians, older adults, young adults, people with cancer, survivors of abuse, youth, those going through times of discernment or feeling the absence of God, first generation immigrants (Asian and Latinix), men and women, fellow healers, and many others.  While she is a practicing Christian, Alison is comfortable working with directees who come from a different faith background, or those who do not identify with a specific religion at this time. 


Supervision is essential for all spiritual directors, and others working in healing and caring professions.  It allows the practitioner to live into their gifts and strengths while exploring their growing edges in a safe environment.  The model I work with is a dialogue model where the practitioner is asked to bring a specific meeting with a client, often using a part of their conversation, to highlight any issues raised during the session.  Together we will explore where the practitioner may have been 'hooked' by something the client discussed, any places where the practitioner may have felt stuck, any consultation questions they may have, and celebrate the growth in the practitioner and client.

Small Groups and Retreats

Alison is a skilled small group and retreat leader and offers classes in Lectio Divina, Praying with Nature, Centering Prayer and other prayer forms to people in local congregations and other groups interested in an intimate and powerful group experience.

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